The Training Day.
9.30 AM
Subdivision Types
Learn which subdivision will suit you best.
Subdivision Process / Expected Costs
Learn the process from surveying experts.
Risk Assessment / Overspend Analysis
Learn where you can make mistakes and overspend
Q&A / Coffee Time
​Ask us anything!
Guide to Subdivision Handbook
​We provide you with in depth course handbook.

Learn in 3 hours how to Subdivide Land...



  • Small Group - 11 Seats

  • Understanding your role

  • How to subdivide land

  • Subdivision Costs

  • Risk Analysis

  • Property Potential Analysis

  • WAPC Overview

  • Western Power Overview

  • Water Corporation Overview

  • Ask us any question.

  • The Land Surveyors Role

  • Form 1A application process

  • Western Power application's

  • Water Corp agreements

  • Local Government conditions

  • Understanding Clearances

  • Landgate Lodgment Process

  • WAPC Form 1c process.



We will look at real world subdivision examples, showing you how to check a properties subdivision potential on local W.A mapping systems.
Find out tricks how to save money on your subdivision and save thousands of $$$ across the project!
Looking for a sub-dividable property? We explain what to look for to ensure your development will be easy and cost effective.
Explanations on the subdivision process and the potential traps for inexperienced developer's.
Course hosted by industry leading land surveying experts and subdivision consultant's.
We answer any question from guests during the seminar about subdivision and keep everything easy to understand for everyone.


Our goal is to bring it to peoples attention that subdivision can be "easily" completed even by a first time developer like you...

Subdivision Training Course is hosted by My Subdivision who provide expert TIPs and Strategies, getting you ready to face your subdivision with confidence and ease... SIGN UP NOW...

If you decide to come to this seminar we recommend that you bring your own "real world" examples of properties you currently have your eyes on in the market. If you plan to subdivide your own property, we can potentially review your options in this shared environment setting. 



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  • Subdivision Training is run and managed by local land surveyors in Perth - Zenith Surveyors.


  • We can consult with you on your property and its subdivision potential.

  • We can lodge your subdivision application at the WAPC and help you understand the conditions required by each authority.

  • If you need the survey pegging and plan drawn for Landgate, our own land surveyors are available. 


  • If you are looking for land that can be subdivided and need a second opinion on your choice... Call Us!

  • If you are concerned your project is not going as planned and is in need of rescuing, our professional team can weigh in and help you out.